30 Days Weight Loss Challenge-Burn belly Fat at Home

30 Days Weight Loss Challenge-Burn belly Fat at Home

30 Days Weight Loss Challenge-Burn belly Fat at Home 

So we've got really simple movements here. And the idea is that we're going to up the intensity, but the basic movements help set the foundation so that you get comfortable with the movements. Yeah. So we're going to start off with the warm-up in just a bit.

We're going to do them for 30 seconds each.


1. step Butt Kicks 

The first one is the step Butt Kicks so, for this, we're going to get to you from the side. You're going to get your heel towards your butt and you're going to alternate your legs. Take it nice and slow. Get your heel all the way up to your glutes and alternate the leg. Make sure that you keep your chest up and you stand tall. You don't want to hunch over when you're doing this.Keep a check on that breathing.

Alright !!

2. standing Toe Touches

The next one we have is the standing toe touches for this. You're going to get your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. And from there you're going to touch all alternate hands and ultimately and down. It's going to open up the muscles at the back of your legs. Make sure you reach as far as you're comfortable. It could be to up to your knee, your shin, your ankle. It doesn't have to be the tool. Just make sure you're doing the movement and taking it easy. He breathing. Nice and easy, follow their lead a few more seconds, and that's all right


So, like I said, we're going to be starting off slow and building up as we move into the next round. We've got four movements. We're going to do them for 40 seconds on, 15 seconds off, and for four rounds. How are you guys ready? All right. So we're going to keep moving. And even if there are breaks, you're not going to a standstill. All right.

1-Partial squat Side Walk

the first movement that we have is the partial squat sidewalk. So for this, you're going to keep your feet comfortably apart, maybe shoulder width, get into that partial squat with the hinge at the hips, and then you're going to go from one side to the other side, do a sidewalk. just a partial squat, a slight hinge at the hips. But make sure that your chest is up. Your back is straight. We can up the intensity as we move into the next.  You can take smaller steps if you need to. Otherwise, you can challenge and take bigger steps. It's completely up to you. Like we said, no scale up or scale down. It's at your own pace. 

2-High Knees

 the next movement is the high knees. So for this, I'm going to get your knee up towards your chest and hop and switch to the other side, and we're going to move really fast. All right But initially, since it's the first time, we're going to be at a slower pace. Use your arms for that momentum. Get your knees up all the way to your chest. Excellent work, I stay on your toes. Keep alternating at that hop 40 seconds of work. It's not easy to do it at a pace that you can sustain.

3-Jumping Jacks

Next up, we've got jumping jacks for this for the of again, no scale up or scale down.

You're going to jump out and jump back in. If you're uncomfortable with that, you can always use this subject. hands all the way overhead jump out and in again. Stay on your toes. Keep your knees soft. You don't have to jump too wide as much as you're comfortable to get used to the movement, it's just round one. Don't compromise on those hands all the way overhead. Slowly getting that heart rate up and then we're going to maintain it there.

4-Floor Touch Squat Knee Hit

the last one that we have is the Floor touch squat do a knee hit. Yeah. So what you're going to do is get into that position feet comfortably apart, reach down, touch the floor and drive one knee up and touch the floor and the other knee up. Yeah. Make sure you keep your heels planted firmly on the ground as we do this. So touch and knee drive or a knee hit a nice one. If this is too deep for you, if you're going to deepen that squat, you can even do a partial squat to a knee hit. It's completely up to you. As long as you keep moving, even if you're tired, you're going to take that break. What are you going to keep moving around? All right. No stopping. We're going to go continuously for four hours.  

NOTE: Before moving to Cooldown Step Complete Set 1 for 3 Times.

Cool Down

A quick cooldown. We're going to just bring the heart rate down. It's not about stretching, we're not focusing on stretching here, it's just about relaxing and breathing and getting your heart rate back to normal.

1- Cobra

So the first movement that we've got is the COBRA. So for this, you're going to lie on your belly. Keep your palms next to your chest and push yourself up off the ground. Make sure that your shoulders away from your ears. You don't want to be doing that. Just focus on your breathing, like we mentioned, not for the stretches, more for calming yourself down, getting that heart rate back to normal.

2- Mountain 

we're going to switch. We're going to go in for the second one, which is the mountain. So we're going to stay down. And all you're going to do is push your hips up towards the ceiling and try and touch your heels on the ground. If you cannot, that's completely fine. Keep your knees soft and dig your palms into the ground. Keep pushing your hips up to the ceiling. keep that back street, keep trying to reach your abdomen towards your thighs. Keep breathing, dig your bombs into the ground. Nice deep breaths, and that's done all right.

3. Lunge Stretcher

the last one that we have is the lunge stretch So far this all you're going to do is get into a deep lunge and you're going to hold it there. If you're uncomfortable, you can even put your knee on the ground and just stretch. Yeah, we're going to do 20 seconds on each side. Let's start off with the right leg in front and let's go. Either way, you can keep your knees off or your knee on the ground, just keep pushing your hips forward. You could just up and your back straight.

If you need additional support, you can even keep your hands on the ground or one of them completely beat me up. Yes, let's switch the left leg forward. Almost done. The breaths breathe in and out from your stomach, getting your heart rate back to normal. We're almost done. I want you to slowly transition out of this when you're standing up, not just a few more seconds. And we're done slowly come out of it, slowly stand up.

Excellent work. Nice job here. You guys did a fabulous job. We're done with the session that's finished. Really brought that heart rate up. So like I said, we kept the movement simple. We kept the workout simple. What we really challenged ourselves with the speed and we increased the intensity and really felt that burn. On that note, remember that this is just going to be a set in stone, a foundation, and it's going to help you progress into tougher workouts.

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