How To Download Videos From Instagram

How to Download Videos From Instagram

How To Download Videos From Instagram

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how's everything today I'm answering the burning question of how do I download any Instagram video no time to waste let me show you salutations everybody Zaryab Khan here welcome back to another Instagram tutorial Post again I say this in every Post sorry I haven't been uploading as much as I would like to as much as some of you may like me too but let's talk about how to download any Instagram video. 

okay so before I show you how to do this disclaimer the reason why people want to download Instagram videos is to use for their own content this is curation content you're essentially using what someone has created honestly for your own benefit and I get it Instagram was once housed on curation accounts I say all that to say this with great power comes great responsibility and also don't be a d-bag if you're going to use someone else's content make sure you tag them in it make sure they get the credit I need to say that goes without saying but I'm just saying with that. 

let's take it to the computer the first thing you're going to do is find the video now you can go to Instagram on desktop just like I am right here and I'm just going to download my latest reel let's get that guy here

 and what I like to do is copy the URL right up top after you do that you're going to use a really cool online tool called Ingramer.

I'll link this down below but the URL is right here Instagrammer downloader and two things one this is free which is dope and two a lot of these download websites have a tendency to fall off or not work because of an Instagram update but this one I've never had that issue with maybe it's quite a couple for client content but just wanted to say that so you're aware.

 okay let's go and scroll down here and you can see it actually downloads other application videos as well so let's go ahead and click there and then hit paste and simply hit search let it do its thing and boom that was like two seconds and there you go so you can see that the rail is here

that's obviously me and if I hit download it will then download as you see on the bottom left corner just downloaded it to my downloads folder from chrome pull it up now the greatest part about doing this is it also takes the audio presently why would you need to do this you have your reasons me sometimes I do this when I want to upload one of my videos to tick-tock or even on any of our media to social business accounts I want to upload my videos to those profiles now yes I can do that simply by going into Instagram tapping on my reel and then hit download but as you can see it doesn't save the audio which does make sense though because the songs are copyrighted copywritten copyrighted one of those and so there you go it takes it in its 480p quality that actually does get uploaded on Instagram.

now I can just simply airdrop that to my phone and upload a tick-tock I personally haven't had any copyright issues from tick-tocks telling me hey you can't do that because they have the same song.


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